Welcome to JREW Engineering Limited
JREW- a group that made a humble foray into the world of engineering way back in 1973 has taken a dramatic shift in the business approach since the days of bright bar manufacturing and steel sections trading.
JREW now prides itself in providing high quality engineering solutions dealing in light & medium fabricated and precision-machined components that are vital to the functioning of a multitude of machines catering to various sectors that can broadly be classified as: material handling, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and railways.
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Quality Assurance
JREW is an ISO-9001:2000 (TUV) certified organization conforming, both in principle and in practice, to the expectations laid down by the said standard. And towards that end, all units have been rightly equipped with their respective independent QA departments headed by a Sr.Manager and manned by qualified inspectors. Each unit is equipped with latest quality too
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JREW is proud to announce its new line of material handling equipment. There are three variations of the equipment namely Stacker-1015D, Stacker-1015T, and Stacker-500(Mini).
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